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quotes about flexibility in the workplace

He explained the reasons for his decision in a blog post and in an interview with the Wall Street Journal: “We all struggle with work-life balance and there’s no easy solution. Don't forget to share this article with friends! Here are 10 to inspire you. Chess is linear, position oriented, and aggressive; go is nonlinear and fluid. Madeleine M. Kunin In chess, the board is small. An outspoken advocate of workplace flexibility, the First Lady has addressed the issue at the annual White House Summit on Working Families and elsewhere: “Women are working more, men are understanding their value as caregivers, women are primary breadwinners—I mean, we could go on and on and on. Business innovation. 20+ best workplace-related quotes. His comment: “Hopefully, as companies give more attention to the importance of work-life balance, more and more people will be in a better position to decide and act more holistically on what’s important to them.”, “If you’ve got development centers all over the world, you’ve got a sales force out with the customers, the fact that tools like Skype [and] digital collaboration are letting people work better at a distance—that is a wonderful thing.”. Lilly was here a few weeks ago because we were trying very hard to push paycheck fairness through … On his blog at, Richard Branson has discussed a company policy allowing salaried staffers to take as much vacation time as they want. “Adaptability is about the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.” Max McKeown. It helps shape yourself to improve adaptability.”, “[Introverts] are also more flexible in a sense, in that sometimes they must do what extraverts do all the time, meet strangers and go to parties. Some team communication quotes can be a bit meh. By: Pam Lassiter. 2. 5 of Achieving Gender Equality, Survey Finds Job Flexibility Significantly Improves Health, Personal Relationships, How Remote Work Supports UN Sustainable Development Goal No. Sometimes the best way of caring for your soul is to make flexible again some of the views that harden and crystalize your mind; for these alienate you from your own depth and beauty.”, “You don’t want work life balance. He’s also blogged about allowing staffers the freedom to work from anywhere: “We like to give people the freedom to work where they want, safe in the knowledge that they have the drive and expertise to perform excellently, whether they [are] at their desk or in their kitchen. I think everyone needs to find the right balance for themselves, and to do this, we need to have more dialogue about work and family, especially among men, and at higher levels of the corporate hierarchy.”. So there is more thought leadership that comes to the table, and that’s where your creativity and innovation come in.”. Dell’s “2020 Legacy of Good” is a long-term strategy that calls for half of the company’s global workforce to be working remotely by 2020—if they choose. “The hallmark of creative people is their mental flexibility… Sometimes they are open and probing, at others they’re playful and off-the-wall. It is played on a large grid, with 361 intersections — nearly six times as many positions as in chess.... [A game of go] can last up to three hundred moves. At still other times, they’re critical and faultfinding. What is Workplace Flexibility? Thanks for checking out FlexJobs! In comparison to go, the attack comes relatively quickly, forcing a decisive battle.... Go is much less formal. We get it. The facts about flexible work keep piling up, supporting what most of us have observed anecdotally or are actually living in our daily lives: flexibility works! It is one which gives the employee the freedom of choice with respect to making decisions and increasing productivity levels in the workplace. A company statement explained: “Technology now allows people to connect anytime, anywhere, to anyone in the world, from almost any device. Promoting a strong work/life balance through flexibility in the workplace ensures personal growth. It can also help mitigate the war for talent.. As an HR professional, you are in the perfect position at the perfect time to make a difference in both your company and in the country. Which of the following career categories interest you most? 1. You want...time flexibility. Work flexibility is becoming a mainstream topic, and some high-profile folks have given great quotes about flexible work. Flexibility at Work Definition: Flexibility at the workplace allows one to evaluate what is happening and adjust to the role and responsibilities or even the job being offered. People weighed down by a system and inflexible ways of doing things cannot move fast, cannot sense or adapt to change. But actually creating a diverse, inclusive business is easier said than done. They believe in "face time" at the office and may fault younger generations for working remotely. Prior to the pandemic, the future of work seemed like a concept that would be a slow trickle over the next few years. Your employees might come from different places, but they are in the same office now. that's why the nation has a marine corps." “In the right roles and with the right people, flex does offer tremendous productivity improvement. “We put terrible pressure on our minds. They show us this simple philosophy: When you are on one side, you can easily move to the other side!”, “When the Chief Justice read me the oath,' he [FDR] later told an adviser, 'and came to the words "support the Constitution of the United States" I felt like saying: "Yes, but it's the Constitution as I understand it, flexible enough to meet any new problem of democracy--not the kind of Constitution your Court has raised up as a barrier to progress and democracy.”, “We have a tendency to become detached observers rather than participants. Choose as many as you'd like. We'd love to show you the jobs we have that match your interests. However, when a quote inspires the person reading it into action then it can become quite powerful. Positive teamwork quotes help you improve the workplace environment. You want work life freedom. Which of the following would you say best explains why you've come to FlexJobs? Success. Being flexible creates an environment where employers and employees can look at work and personal needs in a balanced approach, which is mutually beneficial. 'I's standing tall can never make a 'V'.”, “Bridges symbolize change and flexibility! … Enjoy this collection of quotes on flexibility. Author of Business Re-Imagined: Why Work … And I think it’s up to us to change the conversation.”. Get new job postings, the latest job search tips, trends, news, and exclusive promotions! More and more leaders are weighing in across private industry, government, and academia to offer their thoughts about flexible work, and why remote jobs, part-time schedules, and other flexible work options are great for companies, workers, and the U.S. economy. Discover and share Flexibility For The Workplace Quotes. Adaptability in the workplace may be the single most useful trait a professional can employ in the current world.The world is changing faster than ever - between changes in technology, the economy, the law, leadership, budgets, etc.The only way to stay relevant, much less to get ahead, is to The strategy is more subtle and fluid than chess, developing slowly; the more complex the pattern your stones initially create on the board, the harder it is for your opponent to understand your strategy. It is very important for the employer and employee to be flexible as it creates a streamlined workforce and technology adopted, due to changes in the market. workplace flexibility 6 Reasons Why Flexible Scheduling is the Best Employee Incentive Think about the times you considered calling in sick even though you weren't because you were too tired or stressed. Advantages of Workplace Flexibility A flexible workplace is good for both the employer and the employee. Yost is a pioneer in the movement toward work-life balance. These common stereotypes don’t match reality—allowing employees to work remotely is a core business strategy today… We need to de-parent, de-gender, and de-age the perception of the flexible worker.”. In a recent Boston Globe op-ed, she argued for casting aside worn-out stereotypes about working from home: “Telecommuting, one of many forms of work-life flexibility, should no longer be viewed as a nice-to-have, optional perk mostly used by working moms. “In the face of the world's harshness and danger, organisms of any kind develop protection — a coat of armor, a rigid system, a comforting ritual. It is very crucial for both employer and the employees to be flexible as it establishes a streamlined technology and workforce adopted, due to innovations and changes in the market. Caught up short when his daughter presented him with a list of family events he’d missed in favor of work commitments—including her first day of school—El-Erian quit his corporate position to be a stay-at-home dad. But some extraverted people can avoid being introverted, turning inward, for years at a time.”, “Plan B' might have been 'Plan A' all along.”, “‪Life can break you many times before you get your big break.‬”, “For most of us, there are multiple attachment experiences, and picturing these pairings of the connections offered by others and the adaptions made by us may illuminate the complexities of current relational experience.”, “Yoga makes us sharp thinkers and gives us the power of flexibility, tolerance and endurance.”, “Blessed are the flexible, for change is inevitable. In a recent Forbes interview, CEO and cofounder of the online auction house, Paddle8, explains why flexibility is the future of work. whatever the job is, we can do it. And it is … Indecision is the key to flexibility. Being adaptable is an excellent skill that one can acquire. Votes: 2. Below you’ll find a list of the top 21 workplace quotes and sayings, including the names of each speaker or author. Welcome back. Leadership. Flexible work options are more than just a dominant and growing trend in the U.S. workplace—conversations about flexible work are front and center for average American workers and thought leaders alike. Author of Business Re-Imagined: Why Work Isn’t Working and What You Can Do About It and The Rise of the Humans, David Coplin said: “We need to take a more flexible approach to both the workplace and the work we do; one that provides us both the physical and cognitive space to harness the incredible power, insight and experience we offer, but focused not on the individual processes but instead on the overall outcomes our organisations are seeking to achieve.”. It's easy to get lured into social media chats, get carried away by … This ability is thought to be especially important for managers, allowing them to adapt to sudden changes in the work strategy, react quickly to the changing circumstances and make on-spot decisions considering all possible outcomes and scenarios. If we expand our focus to include emerging, one of the first changes we may notice is the bodily sense of being in the midst of something, of constant motion, lack of clarity (in the left-hemisphere sense), and unpredictability.”, “Rigidity or inflexibility can be the result of a previous history of abuse or trauma, or of an upbringing that offered a child no permission to experiment or to deviate from the family norms. You want a time centered seamless lifestyle. Research has shown that out of 3 workers in the United States, one sees the flexibility and work life balance as an important factor when considering a job offer. Flexibility is an important skill which every employer wants to see in his potential employees. Both 'I's have to tilt equally to make a good 'V'. These quotes are divided into 7 sections: Positive work attitude. There might also be a sense of disassembling a complex, flowing process to focus on a small part of it. Policies like paid family leave, workplace flexibility and affordable quality childcare can make the difference for two-parent or single-parent working families who struggle to make ends meet. Things are different. "there's a mindset of flexibility and adaptability that comes with us. But now, the workforce has been propelled years into the future and conversations about what to expect from the workplace have evolved, particularly in terms of diversity and inclusion policies. So if you need some inspiration and motivation, here are 15 great diversity and inclusion quotes.

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