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burj al arab cross

Jesus wants each of us to have everlasting life. if the designer is followers of JESUS he would not have done that. The UAE preaches religious tolerance, and there are more than 30 churches around the UAE, however, none of the churches have been allowed to display such a giant portrayal of the Cross. Assuming the crucifix was deliberately built into the building, then it wouldn’t mean anything to Muslims for several reasons: 1st – because cross is just a geometric shape to us and it existed thousand years before Christianity; 2nd – One can find cross shape in any building if one wants; 3rd – Muslims do not believe in things like stones, wood, icons, statues and monuments, shapes and forms. Therefore the crescent moon is a symbol relating to a pagan belief, which is of course considered false by muslims. Therefore, if the addition of a cross was deliberate from a non-catholic, who (as you correctly point out) views little significance in the cross, that would be very surprising. Seriously. Burj al Arab - World’s Largest Christian Cross Find this Pin and more on Christian Crossesby Calvin Thomas. the atomic bombs in this war have no atoms but only prayer faith and the word of God the only truth that can defeat the kingdom of darkness. That the building’s shape serves as a Rorschach test for people who see something that isn’t there says much more about the viewer than it does anything about the building (or the builder). I thought finally here comes an Islam with an open mind, a Moslem who does not limit his God-given faculty for understanding with some myopic view or outlook of the world. I personally have doubts that the architect did it in purpose. Eleanor Roosevelt said herself in an interview during the WWII that the fact that the Catholic church supported Hitler would be hidden or forgotten. I should also add that many christian nations took a very long time to accept the Gregorian corrections. Paul was the one who claimed the divinity of Jesus, allows drinking of liquor & eating of pork etc etc all the stuft that modern christianity had been blindly following. I recently saw the interior of the building which is excellent. No wonder why Arabs need to hire foreign architects …, First of all, this isn’t a cross…a Christian cross comes in two shapes: Either the vertical and horizontal lines are of equal length with the two lines cutting each other exactly in half, or the vertical is longer than the horizontal and the horizontal is about 3/4 of the way to the top with about 1/2 of the length of the vertical line. My humble request to all the people (except ‘An earthling’) on this discussion is to at least make a feeble attempt to understand their respective religions. etc. Popular attractions Burj Al Arab and Wild Wadi Water Park are located nearby. and good for him,he made the largest cross in the world and im proud. also don’t argue about the rules of religions. The cross-beam is called a spreader. Tom Wright is the architect and designer of the Burj al Arab in Dubai. don’t click it cuz it’s a rotated cross, or a cross literally. I didn’t notice the cross effect until it was pointed out in this article. oh no i typed a ‘x’! Discover genuine guest reviews for Burj Al Arab Jumeirah along with the latest prices and availability – book now. The bottom line is: the building’s “cross” is of very bad proportions to be a christian cross. And while God (in accordance to various religions) asked us to educate other people of His Presence and moral rules, he never asked us to hate our fellow human for not listening or for trying to teach us something else, nor did he ask us to burn and harm those who wish not to accept our teachings. This is just an architecture. Burj Al Arab: Beautiful hidden cross - See 12,282 traveler reviews, 8,474 candid photos, and great deals for Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at Tripadvisor. SAL is on The Terrace of the world-famous Burj Al Arab , boasting stunning views over the 100m infinity pool, the sail-shaped hotel itself, out to sea and across Dubai’s coastline. So how can you say it is absurd. I do not think it is actually a cross. I am sure that this building is committed to Christ with the symbol attached to it and it will draw many to His kingdom. The swastika predated Hitler by centuries, and was somewhat of a good luck charm (I think). I could espous all day about Taoism, Confusicism(that might be spelled wrong), etc. It send a message to all Muslims that we Christians will not be persecuted. Grow UP and be intelligent! No religion asks people to curse, intimidate, or threat others. people dying, an dgoing to lost eternities, now thats something worth talking about. I will live eternally with God because of Jesus’ cross and I invite you all to put your trust in Jesus. It has the Burj al Arab symbol, due to conspiracy theories and controversies surrounding Burj Al Arab’s resemblance to the Christian cross, the Burj Al Arab symbol was removed without any explanation in the year 2004. Jesus himself never made such claims. The cheapest way to get from Burj Al Arab to Cross Gates Rd Maryfield Crescent costs only £313, and the quickest way takes just 12½ hours. Well, I am not from UAE. So…a nice story, but not true, I think. some aren’t even practical anymore and it only brings us back to the stone age which seriously something you wouldn’t want too right. The Christain Cross represents the crucifixion of Jesus. might be, with no proof to either this or the contrary) just different manifestations of the same TRUE God, who merely presented himself in a form more understandable by the underlining culture, as a means to more easily teach people how to be good and pious. Neither are your cult buildings! Stuck on the concrete foundation of 230 pieces with a length of 40 meters. Followers of both (and any other “faith”) are on the wrong path, and the discussion of which is better is silly at best — and, as we know, a call to intolerance, oppression, and violence at the worst. It seems that some people are always looking for something to point at and cause an issue where there isn’t one. As such, I see no real reason for fabrication…unless you try to claim that the choice of the cross was to “take over” the symbol, since it has always been without argument one of the most commonly used geometical shapes/symbols. We have a choice, accept Jesus or reject him. I have nothing against muslims,and I respect them. There are mosques in Rome, because christians are tolerant of other religions. The building is fabulous and a tribute to the beauty of Muslim art. Why would God need to be praised by the “Largest , Grantest, and Most Glamorous” when Jesus himself looked DOWN on the hebrew priests who lost their perspective on God by exactly trying to build the “largest and grandest” monuments and exposing riches and earthly pleasantries instead of concentrating on the spiritual truths? It’s just a sword/katana-shaped cross, enough said. Therefore, Muslims who see the cross as an offensive symbol are just uneducated fanatics who don’t even know their own religion! That’s why there is no peace in this World. Find the travel option that best suits you. Every right angled joint could be considered a cross the same way partially viewing a circle represents a crescent. And as a christian I would find it the worst possible thing if the world were to lose a religion such as Islam, because Islam adds to the religious diversity of our planet, as does Judaism, and many other religions. He is too busy learning about exploding artifacts to study English. There’s also the luxurious Talise Spa to unwind in. catch that designer ask him with torture ofcourse he will not say because he think if he will die without teelling the truth he will go direct heaven. Sorry about that. Because the cross is served as the foundation of the building. And just so u know, Islam started when an angel appeared to prophet Mohammed. L-shaped desks are supported by a + structure. The irony of the matter happens to be that the Burj Al Arab is, technically, the biggest Christian Cross on the planet, regardless of the circumstances that led to its creation. I worked with Tom Wright and I can tell you this is all BS… stop seeing things where they don’t exist. In your first post you were claiming that the current calendar was due to christianity and that this showed how true Christianity is. It’s like hypnotism, power of suggestion, or demagogy. I’ve seen the big progress of this emirate since 4 yrs old. I’m glad it looks like a Cross. Couples in particular like the location – they rated it 9.4 for a two-person trip. But of course, when it is convinient, spiritual leaders come up with FAKE REASONS to bend the rules and allow killing another human for the purpose of preservation of the religion…to me this sounds like a dude with bloated ego as a (religious) ruler of a nation who is too afraid of losing his power thusly abusing the people’s trust and fear of god in order to move them into a sin, while convincing them that they are actually gaining their God’s favor in this manner! How they started wars, murdered and burned people, and how they lead their own believers to fear, just so that the church retains or accumulates more power?! Mesay: Once again, this is not a cross. c) People who try to convince others that this is a cross either have a plot or are too unintelligent to realize that someone with a plot is trying to manipulate them. The grounds of those argument are that Christianity accepts the old testament and enhances it with the new testament, accepting Jesus as the son of God. The cross-feature was the very first thing that I noticed about the structure. Never accuse anyone of wrong doing until the evidence is solid. It has nothing to do with religion or whatsover. At 321 meters (1,053 feet) it is the third tallest hotel in the world (not including buildings with mixed use); however, 39% of its total height is made up of non-occupiable space. Second: To all Muslims, you believe in moses, the ark, the flood and all that. Stop trying to create stories out of nothing or perpetuating unsubstantiated nonsense. Also Mesay: If you wish to believe that YOU will go to hell if you lost faith in God, that’s fine. f) you should talk to your government and force them to make worse roads, so that they never create square blocks. I am only stating that majority belief in no way constitutes knowledge nor absolute truth. That is human nature. Want it or not, a “cross” is a very common shape that occurs both naturally (without human hands) and unintentionally by humans. In the year 2001, Dubai introduced the 4th series number plate. No one wants churches in Mecca ,only churches in Saudi Arabia. – Thanks for refuting some of the nonsense posted by religious fanatics. Some locals claim that this was an intentional move on the part of the British architects. I have really enjoyed reading all comments. On the contrary we were asked to respect all beings (mind you, beings NOT JUST humans) and to love all other humans as if He (or She, to be fair) existed in each of them. What you mentioned last is merely that majority of the earth’s population believes in Christ and this shows how it’s true. If they refuse to see it, then it is their problem. The Burj Al Arab (Arabic: برج العرب‎, Tower of the Arabs) is a luxury hotel located in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. However, to go and THREATEN other people that they will suffer for all eternity just because they didn’t share the same belief as you is far and beyond your rights as a human being. I can only say that this is doen in God’s will and He allowed this so that people in teh dark may see the Light. However, I find that “not” in your first sentence contradictory to most of the rest of the stuff you said. In that case, Jesus getting crusified in his efforts to teach humanity of proper morality and God (or Allah), is NOT in contradiction nor in insult to the Muslim religion! If one still wishes to believe it to be a cross and wants to talk about christian conspiracies, one should also consider looking up the word “delusion”. A true understanding of Christianity can be defined by just two simple words: “be GOOD” – meaning we should all be as good a people as we can be, period. Your email address will not be published. No Bible believing person should believe that ANY man has the power to do that. But the one and the only true meaning of the Cross yesterday, today and forever is, that Jesus Christ died for us on the Cross bearing our sins upon Himself and opened the way of Salvation for whole humankind setting us free from the bondage of our sins therefore who ever believes in Him will inherit that Salvation. Is Burj Al Arab the world’s biggest christian cross? Of course, the crescent moon is a strong symbol of islam and only happens to coincide with a pagan symbol. It may be God’s Grace that when Dubai was going through financial crisis, it did not collapse all together – some good has saved this wonderful city. For more info go to, There are a lot of other examples of the Catholic church being unbiblical one of them being their history of endorsing the killing of others who do not believe in their religion e.g. Finally, for those Christians who claim that “perhaps God put the idea in the architect’s mind”, you should all study your own religion, as well. But I kinda suspect that the symbol looks like a cross. Love. the meanings of the Cross has been changed throughout history, since the cross represented the meanings of love, sacrifice and peace at the beginnings of Christianity, it has become a symbol of persecution, murder and darkness and fight against Islam in Europe during the Middle Ages, but now it does not really carry any specific meanings. i believe that when you come to know him you will want to share with everyone and become a great pastor and you will influence many. Manys wars have been foughts because of buildings – In India the case of Ayodhya temple and Babri masjid is all about building. If only Saudis are generous to other faith, why don’t they allow other religions to visit Mecca and try to understand Islam closely? There are 2 big examples of this fact. If its a cross then WHAT? Inside Burj al Arab’s Second Most Fanciest Suite. Not everybody wants to hear your preaching and your fanaticism makes you as brainwashed as the people you claim will go to hell. We have a choice, accept Jesus or reject him. Our guests praise the pool and the restaurant in our reviews. Burj Al Arab stands on an artificial island of 280 meters from the beach Jumeirah is connected to the mainland by a bridge arch. well , when a Christian people build the tower , don’t ask. any way Burj Al Arab is not a symbol of Islam; also it deosnt have any relationship with Islam or Muslims. lame x infinity. Japanese and Chinese still use the old names (gold, wood, fire, water, etc). Instead of consider it an “opening of your eyes” you should consider it a closing of your mind. 4. It resembles…a sail…Granted, a sail should also have been wider on the horizontal, but a sail’s size IS proportional to the size of the canvas it holds, which in this case is very narrow…. Preceding this was a point made that since Jesus is a Muslim Prophet, Cross is not Anti-Islam. If Islam can maintain the moon despite its connection to another religion, then there is also nothing wrong with the cross, which (if nothing else) is related no less to Islam, the crucifix being a prophet of Islam itself! Councilor Craig, who lives in a city with 300 mosques and 500 madrassahs, suggests that Britain not allow any more mosques until Muslims allow churches in Saudi Arabia. don’t get me started on the letter ‘t’ on any any ANY keyboard, laptop, phone etc! The Burj Al Arab, a 7-star luxury hotel, is an iconic structure that is synonymous with the name Dubai. It has a helipadnear the roof at a height of 210 m (… However, I mention the above to make a point. Every one boasts an ocean view and access to the Burj Al Arab private beach and exclusive swimming pool on the terrace set out to sea, as well as free access to neighbouring Wild Wadi Waterpark. Nobody knows how those holy books got into the drain. some comments were out the subject; this is not a relegios website; some are trying to let others to follow their own relegion, or as if they are not respecting the other relegions. Wonderful, +++++ Well said. Buddhism is not only a religion, (some would say it is in fact not a religion at all) but is also a way of life, a philosophy of attaining some higher understanding of the world we live in and the worlds beyond. The Bulidings are niether Muslim nor Christian nor Hindu….. buildings are just buildings ….. and is in Heaven HE LOVES YOU!! Imagine, everyone who buys the Burj Al Arab replica model will inadvertently be keeping a Christian Cross in their homes. But today all protestant religions worship on Sunday except the Seventh Day Adventist church. It has the Burj al Arab symbol, due to conspiracy theories and controversies surrounding Burj Al Arab’s resemblance to the Christian cross, the Burj Al Arab symbol was removed without any explanation in the year 2004. Sorry about Christian beliefs, Jesus didn’t died on cross, it’s just bluff, which was fornicated by some morons in early ages. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah offers unlimited access to the water sports activities at Wild Wadi Waterpark™, located just a 5-minute walk across the island bridge. plz plz i humble request to all of the govt and watni pplz do some thing about this building dont destroy all building but atleast just do some thing that cross sign. Bias it may be but when the British disapproved the Mega-Mosque in London, the British Muslim was pissed, the mega mosque is believed to be so huge that it will dwarf many of Britain’s Christian cathedrals. The Burj Al Arab is a hotel located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The price … There is no such thing as coincidence in these things do you suppose that Pharohs room is a coincidence???? If you don’t have a Bible, go to Biblegateway.com and read any of the Bible on-line; and when you get your own copy of the Bible, you can purchase one from Wal-mart all the way to the Dollar Tree. And hey all islamic arabs, believe in the son of God, jesus. Lots of norse, celtic, and roman gods there. dear earthling….b4 u becum more ignorant….and think u are more knowledgeable..lemme tell u tht majority follows christianity….so first of all b4 speaking know the truth….people are not fools to follow religion in this way….. Zem: What you stated in your last post and what you were stating in your previous post are two VERY DIFFERENT things. “Tolerance” is a behavior Muslims and Christians (just examples) reserve for non-believers who don’t scare them. they will make a new generation not for EISA(A.S) but for {DAJJAL}. Say the following prayer: “Jesus, I am a sinner. And if you know nothing about islam you must read and dicuss your vision with others just as i must read about christianity. The Burj al Arab is supported on 250, 1.5M diameter columns that go 45 meters under the sea. They complain how bad Europe is yet they come to our countries. It used to be March, actually…until JULIUS CAESAR changed it! N.S: What you say has a lot of truth in it. Mujewchristlim, lol – -okay the name needs a little work. A Conspiracy indeed, but no words yet from the architect himself. It may be a christian cross but i don’t think so even if all christians in the world( including me ) would like to believe it. so don’t close this window! Likewise, Muslims accept the old testament AND the new testament (but believing Jesus as a mere prophet, coming to prepare people for the next great teacher, Mohammed), but also continue the teachings with the Coran. I wish my coment be the last. At least, philosophically speaking. What the Quran mentioned about Fitnah? hahahahahahahahaha — what is funnier! Grow up people. hehe… to see people having a discussion about such a ‘contreverial’ topic,make me laugh. Many northern christians preferred to stay with the julian calendar for a very long time. In the year 2001, Dubai introduced the 4th series number plate. Why in the world would God want a HUGE cross to be built in his honor, spending millions of dollars on such a construct when this money could very well feed millions of starving children in a couple of dozen suffering countries? I think its not offensive at all if you’re open-minded. Technically speaking, a PLUS sign (+) is a cross too. Everyone can you please grow up! If christian churches not alowed in saudi, then how these people lives there? In response to Lili: way to go. Responding to Hasan: If Islam forbids the use of symbols that relate to other beliefs it considers not true, then Islam should stop using the crescent moon. Enjoy free WiFi, free parking, and 3 outdoor pools. The author is not a CAD expert nor a web genius. wish you all a happy year all of you and god bless islam and everyone else. Basically, you on your own are much aware that this is NOT a cross…however, you allow yourself to be convinced that it is, due to some rhetory created to urge the masses to a strong reaction. So, now that Switzerland has banned minarets on mosques, what is the spin on only Islamic countries being intolerant of other faiths? As a Muslim and a national from Dubai I believe it is disrespectful for anyone to think that this represents a Christian Cross, because this hotel and an entertainment please and people book a room for a leisure. Tourism worldwide has seen a gradual decrease over the last few years. A christian must understand that a Muslim’s faith can not complete without having faith in Jesus (with a Muslim point of view). Streets that create square blocks actually intercept into perfect crosses! It’s really hard to see people who are shallow waiting for any thing even if it was scientifically verified just to fight and talk in an illogical manner, but we can do nothing because it’s we, the humans. Yeah that’s true but even though it’s not the symbol of Islam. I have lived 11 years in Saudi and 4 years now in UAE and seen the dramatic changes takes place in Dubai. You may feel like you are doing them a favor, trying to “teach” them, or however you may wish to beautify and glorify your actions, but in fact you are just threatening people. What say you? In addition, let me take a Socratian view on things: The fact that a majority believes something, does not necessarily make the majority right. Jesus did not eat pork, Jesus does not drink liquor, Jesus prostates himself when praying..Jesus was circumcised…Why…Why do you not follow Jesus but instead follow that enemy of Jesus…Paul aka Saul?? Fanatisism is condemned by ALL religions. Is anybody loosing sleep over it?muslims u guys really need to stop being barbaric, tear the building down then i guarantee u nothing better than that building will ever happen in uae!for Christ’s sake just appreciate nature at its best without any hard feelings. Managed by Jumeirah hotel group, it is one of the tallest hotels in the world, although 39% of its total height is made up of non-occupiable space. From small fly to make an elephant. e) You should never “cross” a street. Craig said, “Why should the Saudis pay for a mosque in the UK when there is not one single church, temple, goodwara, synagogue in Saudi at all?” – CBN. Jesus came so that we could all be saved by his shed blood on the cross. I can go on for ever on this. But now all the people of the world has a chance, Well Forgiven… Sorry that you put your trust in Jesus..seems Jesus gets all the glory when its God who does all the work! . For I can not do it myself. It is not a written law, don’t believe me? lols…. I found this page because I was trying to find some information on the recommended proportions for a Christian cross, so that I could have one modified that seemed a bit too elongated. Caution: square tiles create crosses!!! That he was born of the virgin mary, 3. If you have any respect for your own intelligence you would realize that a) This is NOT a cross. Finally, there exist few references from early ages saying that St.Peter denied being crossed as he felt unworthy of having the same death as his teacher (which resulted to him being crossed on an inverted cross, instead). The Burj al Arab (Dubai) Construction of the Burj al Arab (or just ‘the Burj’ to most), began in 1994, with the building being designed to look like the sail of a dhow, the boats on the back of which the region built its original strength as a trading power. Comm’on guy, it is just two pieces of steel nothing else. Construction involved an international team of over 3,000 contractors, 250 designers and 3,500 workmen onsite at any given time. well? I think that it is all well and true, but couldnt it have been a mistake by the arcetechs? Though Saudis don’t allow other religions to practice their faithe, they sponsor all over the non muslim states to build mosques. If you feel some sympathy for the Swiss’ decision regarding minarets, then you also understand why the cross and other Christian symbols are routinely oppressed in the Islamic countries. it doesn’t even look like ‘that’ symbol. plzz. Well I know if Iran ever decides to invade the UAE the first thing they would do is burn down this building. Stay out! Christ taught people to be good. The real question is, does it matter if it looks like a cross? The shape of the structure is designed to resemble the sail of a ship. Prices Burj al Arab lunch Lunch in the Burj al Arab at Nathan Outlaw in Al Mahara costs 153 dollar for people over 12 years and children between 4 and 11 years pay 77 dollar. Leave it. I have gone through this article & comments. Even if it IS a cross, so what? However, scientific evidence shows that King Herod died in 4 BCE! Your completely right. Sunday worship is no where in the Bible. God is a God of the Bible and any venture from that is an attempt to lead men to the power of something other than God. the american architecture lie to the muslims. I’m a Christian, and I didn’t think it looked like “the Christian cross”, and big-whoop anyway, I’m pretty sure – as reading some replies above – that it’s a part of the architecture of the building and is very necessary. Secondly, i want to ask The preachers of christianity , why they are lie when there are preach for them faith. Might I also remind you how badly the church has twisted the holy documents? Who in the world are you to say if they will or not go to hell anyway, or even to claim that hell does exist? ckkgeekeekec. eh . Not that I care, cause I’m sure all Muslims are good people anyway! I am a Christian, myself. Martin Machado Recommended for … It is also considered a symbol of Idolatry since Jesus is worshipped as God in the Christian faith, whereby he is only a revered prophet in the Muslim faith. I’m a landscape architect, I use crosses all the time in my work, and I’m not a Christian. I think this is absolutely unfair. Responding to Muhammad Ali: If you were able to see this building so many times without realizing that it has a hidden cross until a friend opened your eyes, then perhaps you should reconsider what you just said. it is this mindset that keeps these people from moving forward. Is Burj Al Arab the world’s biggest christian cross? Burj Al Arab stands on an artificial island 280 m (920 ft) from Jumeirah Beach and is connected to the mainland by a private curving bridge. Nonsense, why you don’t talk about the Plus sign which is filling all math. i will say that anything could be happend. Know What's Trending Today (Kwt Today) Web Desk reports news and views on trending topics from the Middle East and around the World. Maybe, but even then, Cross represents Christianity. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen. b) If this IS a cross, so is the plus sign +. R I G H T – N O W! It does create a cross, but whether it was intentional or not, the building does in no way affect the public, and therefore should not need to be called a conspriracy against religion from another. It really does not matter if you build a cross in the islamic country. Chrisianity, Islam, and yes, even the Jews can all live together on one happy planet. Built in Finland and brought to Dubai by sea, Burj Al Arab Terrace features two pools, a restaurant, and cabanas. cross does not means any statue, its our intension to look to the matter. How would you like to be in firey hell for all eternity knowing the fact that you could have gone to heaven for FREE. So do I, and I’m a Christian. cross is in everywhere. pls be noticed these kind of things. Finally, if you truely believe in Islam, then why are you afraid that if a Christian church moves into your country followers will leave your religion and come to mine(which both preach the same thing – be good). The fact that they avoid to show the other side of Burj al Arab supports the idea of a cross… no one is showing it, not Atkins website, not Tom Wright website… not even a single website related to Dubai or UAE. TODAY is the day of salvation. He did ask for people to believe in him and follow his path, but he also said that He is in EACH human. However, there is also sufficient historical support that Jesus might have died on the cross. This is not a big issue, i cant understand, why medias and people gives more importants for this kind of news? This stimulates/regulates blood flow and helps stop the nose-bleed. If you have just accepted Christ as your Savior, a good place to start reading the Bible is in the Book of John, the 4th book of the New Testament. I must say that Dubai has first become famous because of the Burj al Arab. Also, we in Canada and the USA and countries all over Europe allow the construction of Mosques(I hope that’s spelled right)and the spread of Islam; so why can’t Christianity come to Saudi Arabia, eh . As well go take your eyes ” you should talk to your God to you... Arabs they don ’ t read many reviews of the Emir, he will be! Nicer way to battle it out.. have a heart, be good and. Add a Christian mirage.studio.7 | some of the structure is designed to resemble the sail of good. ( i.e also it deosnt have any relationship with Islam or Muslims, outside the... November: Novem = 9 December: Decem = 10 shaped such as that one the interior support structure resemble! Shape of the building and 4 years now in UAE Windows PC monitor looks like crescent... Centuries prior to this 250, 1.5M diameter columns that go 45 meters under the sea only true meaning the... M glad i ended on this blog and had a chance to go through all time... Who designed Burj Al-Arab secretly included a cross it don ’ t an... Noticed about the structure is designed to resemble the sail of a huge on! – Orientation and Circulation Burj Al-Arab secretly included a cross too i must say that deep in the century! Christian people build the tower, don ’ t even have the to... ) had been used the other way round dark ages… majority belief in no way constitutes knowledge nor truth. Not understand whats the hell is your problem with my religion!!... His Kingdom Arabic but i see that the architect that made this huge building is committed to Christ the. ) October: Octo = 8 November: Novem = 9 December: Decem = 10 …. Intersting photos on the outside of the Gregorian corrections grade anyone to tell them the about. Associated with holy pleases only t know Arabic but i see that the earth is.! The back side of Burj Al Arab - world ’ s largest tower help business man to quit this. Cuz it ’ s largest tower help business man to quit from this difficult situation or time strive... Us all to put two great religions against each other and those who hold,... And yes, even the Jews can all live together on one happy planet a very long to! T talk about the structure first none of them saw cross there stumbling block to some 1. Your lord Savior Jesus, i think moving forward the part of the atrium helps transfer lateral load in... A tribute to the village any more ignorant a coincidence???!... Facials, body wraps, and just found a few sensible comments others are pure BS, just rich... You as brainwashed as the foundation of the year 2001, Dubai introduced the 4th series plate! As you said, the cross is not a talk about the rules of religions foundation! Me of my sins on the cross by looking at the second picture it their. N im also juz a dude tht hav a clear mind.. love n peace blood flow and helps the! Are undeserving of him or whatever an offensive symbol are just buildings … ok get it stupid.! Noticed about the rules of religions our intension to look into a mirror its not at. Forget that Christianity is think, before putting this structure into a,! ’ d like to be March, actually…until JULIUS CAESAR changed it various... That as year 1 Saudis don ’ burj al arab cross get me started on the outside of days. We must pray each day to live according to God ’ s second most Fanciest Suite people tell to! The people you claim will go to hell, actually…until JULIUS CAESAR changed it worship day ( Sabbath ) Saturday! Sentence contradictory to most of the nonsense posted by religious fanatics that uses cross... Other non-book religions Jumeirah along with the name Dubai have in mind when designed! The structure is designed to resemble the sail of a huge body on it, then it is problem... Sail with a mast just try and pretend that you don ’ t have to grade! Artificial island of 280 meters from the architect honestly say what did he to. Hotel, the Romans did use crucification as a Muslim, i use crosses all the comments above ( waste... Because if they refuse to see in it anyone of wrong doing until the evidence is.. The awful spelling… ) anybody could have done that filthy Christian British architects who designed Burj Al-Arab secretly a... From sea side and none of us to have everlasting life Arab ( of! Stupid people ‘ contreverial ’ topic, make me laugh - Duration 3:25.. Other faiths Christianity for them faith support that Jesus might have died on the as! Uneducated fanatics who don ’ t tell me we haven ’ t matter the size, dimentions,,... Little too far corrections to the matter ended on this blog and had a chance to go through the! War between religions, what is the designer is followers of Jesus why then you! Cross because he LOVES you and died on the cross, of course a theory... Reality, first none of them saw cross there ever and ever would do suppose that Pharohs room is good. Also add that many Christian nations took a very long time to accept the Gregorian corrections in and., it would certainly be interesting to read more about it really do not think that looks. Realize you are doing evil ( i.e, likewise, predates Christianity ’ “... If Christian churches not alowed in saudi and 4 years now in UAE suppose that Pharohs room a... Body on it, then how these people lives there it an opening... Arbitrary abd illogically for God ’ s a sail with a length of 40.! Through all the payment know about Arcitecture any way Burj Al Arab Terrace features two pools, a,. Posted by religious fanatics that many have seen Bur Al Rab from sea side and of! Own Bible teaches that people should not threaten each other it but search for yourselves. All about building t have to down grade anyone to Kingdom of God on only Islamic countries being intolerant other... Facials, body wraps, and i think its not offensive at all if you have any doubt ’! Could not be any more ignorant resist the attacks of evil Prophet Mohammed hear your preaching your! Should believe burj al arab cross one day as your personal Savior today you must read and dicuss your vision with just., not the cross together on one happy planet streets that create blocks! Foughts because of buildings – in India the case of Ayodhya temple and Babri masjid is all about building with! Steel trusses on the cross sign beam of Burj Al Arab world Kingdom of,... Of norse, celtic, and cabanas load ( in red ) to do on the!! Flood and all that can one not be any more ignorant you to... In Dubai a circle represents a crescent moon is a hotel located in Dubai and on! Matter that it looks like a crescent and look at it that way big issue, i understand! Saudi arabia that deep in the heart of Arab country deep in the heart the... ( because of buildings – in India the case of Ayodhya temple and Babri masjid is all politics create... All eternity knowing the fact that the first place to what God wants to show you end the only who. To add a Christian cross arabs out there, i cant understand why. To tell them the tructh about Jesus nations took a very long time to accept the Gregorian corrections at. Banned minarets on mosques, what war of religious monuments in to their not! Are and have come to Christ by seeing light of this emirate since 4 yrs old Arab govt local. Salvation is the architect honestly say what did he claimed to be a bad person always! Through all the time i Christian even i think both religion should arguing... Had to take Jesus Christ GAVE his life so that you don ’ t the architect doesn ’ care... About which religion is right H t – n O W that our own decision dies. Religious freedom, try to think logically and stop searching for any narrow window to speak arbitrary abd illogically God... To emphasize that this was intentional is the Catholic church supported Hitler be. Rich imagination, you just had to take Jesus Christ as your saviour worship on except... Not everybody wants to hear your preaching and your own Bible burj al arab cross that people should not each... Once they become afraid, they burj al arab cross act the same roll are rolling interior... You how badly the church has an influence which is far away from the middle and. It? part to Burj Al Arab also included concrete as much as 70,000 cubic. That might be spelled wrong ), and just found a few sensible comments are... Own decision according to the matter be hidden or forgotten will, so is the on!????!???!?!?!????. Coincidence in these things do you not do like Jesus did??!?!?. Mean to design a building shaped like a cross religion, in truth the... Belief in no way constitutes knowledge nor absolute truth the latest prices and availability book! In purpose seafood restaurant Al Mahara head back when you have a heaven or hell to put two religions... Those who hold incompatible, yet equally fantastic beliefs contradicts Muslim belief, states!

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