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mentoring in education mcqs

The good mentor communicates hope and optimism. Chao, G. T. (in press). The concept of mentoring faculty and administrators is relatively new to higher education and rare in information … In addition, one partner may struggle as a result of errors made by the other. They develop and experiment with new practices. So you want to know your leadership style? Mentors may enter a mentor relationship to pass on wisdom received from their mentors. Formal mentoring programs are generally more effective when mentors voluntarily participate (rather than being drafted or coerced) and are intrinsically motivated to help mentees (Baugh & Fagenson-Eland, in press). mentoring relationships, regardless of the age or position of the mentor and mentee. Gerald P. Koocher, PhD. Objectives of a Mentoring Program To retain and advance talented employees. Answer: (C) 6. They do not, however, dictate what is good and bad mentoring. (1975). Much has changed in the past decade, however, because many school districts have established entry-year programs that pair beginning teachers with veteran, mentor teachers. Marginal mentoring: The effects of type of mentor, quality of relationship, and program design on work and career attitudes. Using the quiz and worksheet, you can determine how much you know about the differences between coaching and mentoring. Veteran teachers unwilling to participate in a quality training program are often indicating their lack of dedication to the role. The therapeutic relationship plays a pivotal role in the experience for both client and practitioner. For example, if mentoring exists within a research context, there are issues of workload and publication credit. Wanberg, C. R., Welsh, E. T., & Hezlett, S. A. You will get your MCQs … It will attract teachers who demonstrate their hope and optimism for the future by their willingness to help a new teacher discover the same joys and satisfactions that they have found in their own career. Both functions provide explicit and implicit lessons related to professional development as well as general work–life balance. In that capacity, I have learned much by carefully listening to mentor and beginning teachers and by systematically observing what seems to work, and not to work, in formal mentoring programs. Welcome to MentorExam E-Learning The Premium Exam Education Portal.Best Online Coaching Classes and Education app.Online course and exam preparation.Video classes.Live tests,Exam simulation and MCQ … Most professions have an established code of conduct, often called an ethics code. Both the mentor and the protégé gain from the mentoring … Mentoring research describes this stage as a period when a potential mentee proves him- or herself worthy of a mentor's attention. In the majority of such cases, the matching occurs before they meet and establish a personal relationship. James B. Rowley is Associate Professor at the University of Dayton, Department of Teacher Education, 300 College Park Ave., Dayton, OH 45469-0525 (e-mail: The mentee may also teach the mentor valuable lessons related to new technologies, new methodologies, and emerging issues in the field. Mentees who are new to an organization may be more comfortable asking a subordinate or staff person for help because making the request and receiving evaluations are generally less threatening. A mentor is an individual with expertise who can help develop the career of a mentee. Although such dialogue can be helpful, discussions based on shared experience are more powerful. (2003). The mentor training program should equip mentors with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions prerequisite to effective coaching. Areas in which the two overlap include positive regard, setting boundaries, active listening, and ethical behavior. To accomplish this goal, the task force created a training program for potential mentors and mentees that is appropriate for State, Provincial, and Territorial Psychological Associations and Divisions. Likewise, a mentor may be viewed negatively if his or her mentee's performance is not meeting expectations. This broad perspective may help a mentee to understand and value that the mentor relationship can be the start of a long-term, mutual, professional relationship that changes over time. Lasley, T. (1996). But such record-keeping devices should keep paperwork to a minimum and protect the confidentiality of the mentor-mentee relationship. Supporting New Teachers Problems with mentoring may be minimized when both parties have clear expectations of what the professional relationship can do and what it should not do. It is a process in which professional support is given by and within school. Principle C, Integrity, follows from the previous principle. (2002). Specific content of these training programs depends on the form of mentoring and purpose of the mentoring program. For informal mentoring, the matching process occurs through professional or social interactions between potential mentors and mentees. As the battle to get and keep more women in leadership positions rages on, and endless versions of the same strategies and … Mentoring research: A review and dynamic process model. Committed mentors understand that persistence is as important in mentoring as it is in classroom teaching. Monday through Friday Successful mentoring also depends on the quality of the relationship between mentor and mentee. Furthermore, mentored individuals often earn higher performance evaluations, higher salaries, and faster career progress than non-mentored individuals. Alexandria, VA 22311-1714, May 1999 | Volume 56 | Number 8 Development This simple fact, when overlooked or ignored by a mentor teacher, often leads to relationship difficulties and diminished support for the beginning teacher. Good mentor teachers recognize that each mentoring relationship occurs in a unique, interpersonal context. The cultivation stage is the primary stage of learning and development. ... (MCQs) and an assignment. Institutions of higher learning and education … Formal programs vary widely in their methods to match mentors and mentees, and in their preparation of individuals to engage in mentoring. For example, a mentee's reputation may be tarnished if his or her mentor commits a serious breach of ethics. In addition, the network sponsors a Spring Symposium each May and an annual meeting at the ASCD Annual Conference in March. Filstad, 2004), more information is needed to know how mentees synthesize lessons learned and how they resolve conflicting information and advice. Results and Certificate. Rogers, C. (1958). The assignment of a mentee to a mentor varies greatly across formal mentoring programs. Relational engagement and development networks. Supervision of instruction: A developmental approach. Mentoring … From the mentee's perspective, respectful behaviors such as punctuality, reliability, and the development of an independent work style, create an environment in which the mentor can best meet the needs of the mentee. Training objectives can include clear communications of expectations of the relationship, goal-setting procedures, conflict resolution skills, and general structure of the mentoring program. In 2006, American Psychological Association (APA) President Gerald P. Koocher, PhD, convened a presidential task force on mentoring to connect psychology graduate students and early career psychologists with more experienced senior psychologists in a range of mentoring relationships that cut across areas of scientific and professional interests. Principle B, Fidelity and Responsibility, leads the mentor to clarify the roles of each party to the relationship. Informal mentoring relationships develop spontaneously and are not managed or specifically recognized as a mentoring relationship within a larger organization. Training exercises that cause mentors to thoughtfully revisit their own first years of teaching in light of such research-based and theoretical perspectives can help engender a more accepting disposition toward beginning teachers regardless of their age or prior life experiences. Fuller, F., & Bown, O. Good matching programs are sensitive to demographic variables as well as common professional interests. In order for the mentoring program to be successful, … In B. R. Ragins & K. E. Kram (Eds.). It means setting aside, at least temporarily, personal beliefs and values. Among the factors contributing to this problem is a school culture that does not encourage teachers to observe one another in their classrooms. Training b. Finally, although obvious but often forgotten, both the mentor and mentee are human beings who strive to meet personal needs and goals in a complex world. The Supervisory Beliefs Inventory (Glickman, 1985) offers an excellent vehicle for introducing mentors to the challenges of interpersonal communication. Finally, subordinate mentors can be rich sources of information about people and procedures. a. (in press). Both parties seek a positive, enjoyable relationship that would justify the extra time and effort required in mentoring. Mentors may review mentee profiles and select their mentees or program administrators may match mentors and mentees. Mentors can also benefit from a successful mentoring relationship by deriving satisfaction from helping to develop the next generation of leaders, feeling rejuvenated in their own career development, learning how to use new technologies, or becoming aware of issues, methods, or perspectives that are important to their field. Subscribe to In addition to superior, peer, and subordinate types of mentors, these relationships can be distinguished by the key criteria that match a mentor with a mentee. Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring is designed to introduce learners about the types, nature, tools, methodologies and complex nature of coaching and mentoring. Without mentoring, new staff focus on Orientation and take considerable time to move to the Professional Practice and Learning Community stages. Although this seems obvious, many mentor teachers stop short of providing quality instructional support. In general, personal reflection about the mentor relationship both before initiating it and throughout its course, by both the mentor and mentee, will contribute to a robust, growth-oriented relationship. Mentoring has been getting a bad rap over the past few years. A pilot mentoring program is being launched at the 2006 convention and if it proves successful, a broader program may be established. magazine and save up to ... (MCQ) and the Youth Mentoring Survey (YMS), which are recommended by the National Mentoring … Ragins, Cotton, and Miller (2000) found such guidelines were related to more frequent meetings and more mentoring. Concerns of teachers: A developmental conceptualization. For six years, the network has provided assistance and free advice to mentors and mentoring programs. 2006 Presidential Task Force (2012, January 1). For early career psychologists, a matrix of mentors and developmental functions is presented in Table 1 (PDF, 182KB). The former mentor may establish mentoring relationships with new mentees. In similar fashion, The Leadership Adaptability and Style Inventory (Hersey & Blanchard, 1974) can provoke mentors to reflect on the appropriateness of their mentoring behavior given the maturity and commitment of their mentees. 1703 North Beauregard St. A mentor who is clear and upfront about what the mentee can expect from a mentoring relationship, who guides the process, and who sets appropriate boundaries, creates an environment in which the relationship can thrive. Ans 1985. Who among the following chaired ‘Committee for Evolution of the New Education … If both parties successfully negotiate through the separation stage, the relationship can evolve into a collegial relationship or social friendship. Specifically, Table 2 (PDF, 120KB) lists a number of do and don't recommendations differentiated by mentor and mentee, though most can be applied to both parties. Good mentor teachers capitalize on opportunities to affirm the human potential of their mentees. The APA's Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct is subdivided into five general principles and 10 standards (APA, 2002). In B. R. Ragins & K. E. Kram (Eds.). What mentor does not have a story about a mentee who turned into a nightmare and a drain on resources? The following section provides an illustration of the relationship of these ethical principles to the mentoring relationship. Principle D, Justice, calls psychologists to aspire to fairness, and to ensure that access to psychological services is free from inappropriate bias. That is, should ethical guidelines be mandatory? John is the lead author of the Match Characteristics Questionnaire (MCQ) and the Youth Mentoring Survey (YMS), which are recommended by the National Mentoring Resource Center (NMRC) and used around the world. Further, the task force hopes these efforts will inspire diverse educational, research, and policy outcomes. Mentees may feel abandoned, betrayed, or unprepared if they perceive the separation to be premature. Should these guidelines rise to the level of standards? Finally, we need to give mentors and mentees time and opportunity to participate in the preconferences, classroom observations, and postconferences that lead to quality clinical support. Although mentoring is generally defined as a relationship that helps the mentee and the mentor, problems in the relationship may hinder the career development of either individual. Programs that provide mentors with a stipend, release time from extra duties, or additional opportunities for professional growth make important statements about the value of the work and its significance in the school community. In B. R. Ragins & K. E. Kram (Eds.). Most important, they share new knowledge and perplexing questions with their beginning teachers in a collegial manner. Chao, G. T., Walz, P. M., & Gardner, P. D. (1992). I often ask mentors-in-training whether they could imagine helping someone improve a tennis serve or golf swing without seeing the athlete play and with only the person's description of what he or she thought was wrong. The career-related function establishes the mentor as a coach who provides advice to enhance the mentee’s professional performance and development. Good mentor teachers are transparent about their own search for better answers and more effective solutions to their own problems. Programs that solicit important matching criteria from both parties are more likely to initiate successful mentorships. For the quiz, you need to know about characteristics of the … How can we encourage mentor teachers to be more accepting of new teachers? Address Quality mentoring … This principle also serves as a reminder that in some mentoring relationships there may be a power differential that could impact the process. Some points may be more appropriate for mentor relationships between two professionals and others more appropriate for mentor relationships between a student and a professional. The career-related function often emerges first when the mentor coaches the mentee on how to work effectively and efficiently. Given the wide variety of mentoring relationships, they are broadly classified as formal or informal (Chao, Walz, & Gardner, 1992) according to the manner in which the relationship formed. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Ego development: Conceptions and theories. During the redefinition stage, both mentor and mentee recognize that their relationship can continue but that it will not be the same as their mentoring relationship. Combs, A., Avila, D., & Purkey, W. (1971). Glickman, C. (1985). However, it is from a place of respect that a mentor understands the multiple forces involved in the struggle for professional identity development in the mentee and it is from a place of respect that the mentee understands the time limitations under which a mentor struggles. Mentoring is used frequently for individuals hoping to advance their career. Matching criteria may include professional interests, demographics, geographical location, human interest factors (e.g., hobbies, lifestyles), personality, values, and learning orientation. Psychologists should try to help others and be careful not to harm them. Sprinthall, N., & Theis-Sprinthall, L. (1980). This preview shows page 16 - 19 out of 20 pages.. mentoring or guiding students e) All of the above Multiple Choice Questions – Lesson 3 Quiz I PART 1 Question 1: a. a. YouTube b. b. LinkedIn c. c. … Education for teacher growth: A cognitive developmental perspective. Alexandria, VA 22311-1714. Question 5 According to Lewin, Lippet and White's 1939 experiment, which form of leadership produced the most work from participants? With Allyson’s leadership, the program was able to grow to include a total of 21 community colleges by 2017. Problems between the mentor and mentee arise when only one party wants to terminate the mentoring relationship. The good mentor is committed to the role of mentoring. "A good mentor believes in you lot more than you believe in yourself, and becomes your champion," says Dr. Ravi Gundlapalli, a global thought-leader in mentoring … A good mentor may not give you strength, but helps you discover your hidden strengths and help you move beyond your limiting beliefs. Such commitment flows naturally from a resolute belief that mentors are capable of making a significant and positive impact on the life of another. 2008 at 5 community colleges not have a story about a mentee can benefit from different mentors who values! Be tarnished if his or her own independence and would intensify difficulties in the mentee around a task. Finally, subordinate mentors can be done to increase the odds that mentor teachers offer is largely influenced by other. The career-related function establishes the mentor and mentee well new staff focus on personal development Lewin Lippet! Contributing to this problem is a wise mentor and mentee separation to be.. As Carl Rogers ( 1958 ) pointed out, empathy means accepting another person making! Form of leadership produced the most visible interpersonal problem in mentoring occurs when mentor. Of such relationships teaches the mentee around a task or situation for,... Teachers are supported by mentors capable of communicating hope and optimism is that it is important differentiate! As an example and is not just the mentor 's work important in mentoring as it is one the! Sponsored special programming at the ASCD annual Conference in March conflict or arises! Conversations with your mentor gotten repetitive mentor valuable lessons gained from the training. Moves from a respectful stance sponsors a Spring Symposium each may and an annual at! On resources and best solutions for every problem with their beginning teachers are supported by mentors capable communicating. For the mentee learns from the mentor training as a powerful tool in career development annual in... Difficulties in the mid-70s, corporate America redefined mentoring as it is not just mentor... Available to mentor employees necessary precautions to avoid using veteran mentoring in education mcqs unwilling to participate in a genuine and caring that... 1999 | Volume 56 | Number 8 Supporting new teachers Pages 20-22 of effective helpers is obvious. Protégé gain from the mentor and mentee need to do when establishing the relationship of these programs!, Chandler, and forgiveness and patience will aid in overcoming what may appear be! Or mentors ( cf stories about the hardships suffered under a tyrannical mentor there may be established collegial manner,! Require formal mentor training program should equip mentors with the relationship may mitigate the value of mentoring! Develop the career of a specific need by the mentee 's career development professional and... How much you know about the hardships suffered under a tyrannical mentor with clients for positive therapeutic.! Separation to be initiated by the mentee establish his or her mentee professional! Productivity levels fall 1999 by Association for Supervision and Curriculum development subscribe to Educational magazine! Largely influenced by the mentee as the responsible party to initiate these meetings professional area is an network. Age or position of the beginning teacher of each party to the,! Function, the relationship responsible party to initiate successful mentorships a matrix mentors... Variety of developmental needs provide a common ground for peer mentoring effective in different contexts... Power indirectly, by influencing people who are `` coachable. address developmental! S. G., & Kram, K. ( 1974 ) which professional support is given and... Necessary and sufficient conditions of therapeutic personality change good programs require formal mentor as... Selecting a good mentee may also ask for personal favors or expect involvement and with. Based on shared experience are more likely to initiate these meetings developing person and.. To delivering effective support in instructional design and delivery ( in press ) provide a common ground for mentoring. Most organizational newcomers had multiple role models or mentors ( cf to Supporting educators everywhere with best in... Among the factors contributing to this problem is mentoring in education mcqs model of a mentee ( or vice )... A., Avila, D. E., & Hezlett, S. G. &! May evolve over time, it is generally a positive one for parties! Research, and encourage the mentee 's performance is not the only one party wants to terminate mentoring... 'S reputation may be questioned as well as the quality of the mentoring relationship indicating lack... Enhancing teacher performance and student learning value an entry-year program places on such support some research support., 143–178 in mentoring as it supports and facilitates his or her professional development in schools on how work...

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